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The Amazon Treasure Truck Holds Deals on In-Demand Items

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If you spot a big blue truck that looks straight out of a circus in Houston or Dallas, you might have found the treasure! The Amazon Treasure Truck carries with it a “must-have” item at a discount price. According to the Amazon website, around Christmastime last year, they had Hatchimals, they’ve offered GoPros, and recently, they had Nintendo NES Classics aboard.

So how does the Amazon Treasure Truck work? The flashy vehicle is set up to run in six cities across the U.S., now including Dallas and Houston, and new cities will be added periodically. Customers should text “TRUCK” to 24293 to get signed up for deals of the day notifications of when and where the truck will be and what it will hold inside. The info is also available via the Amazon app under “Programs and Features.”

Once you see where the truck is headed, you can jump on the discount for the item offered via the Amazon app. You have to act quickly because customers are really latching onto the idea. Chron.com quotes Amazon director Karthik Anbalagan, “It’s very much like when you were a child and the ice cream truck rolled around. We’re trying to create a fun and whimsical retail experience like that.”