Animals With Zero Attitudes of Gratitude Saying ‘We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore’

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Most people think of barnyard or farm animals as something tame, relatively cute at times, and have no bad days whatsoever. These would obviously be people that have clearly never farmed or ranched! Texas ranchers and farmers have a story or two to share, we’re sure, but this video compilation called “Farm Animals Are Jerks” shows the dark side that hides behind the storybook appeal.

Humorous at times, and often leaving you asking, “Now why would you do that?” to the humans of these clips, there are some moments in this YouTube upload that really do show how purposely mean an animal can be. The girl that simply wanted to ride the pony, but he just wasn’t having any of it, is a pretty prime example. And the llama that showed the police officer who is boss was simply not going to take it anymore!

Yes, farm animals are both a means of living and eating, and all manner of safety precautions need to be taken around them. But seeing an animal treat another animal poorly is also a highlight of this reel. The mother pig that tosses her little one at feeding time and the goat getting after the barn cat are obviously animal-on-animal violence! When will the madness end?! (Yes, we’re totally being sarcastic. We’re fully aware it’s within their nature to act that way once in a while.) But the baby goat jumping on the pig – now that’s just plain cute!