Trivia Signs Set Up Along Australian Highway to Keep Drivers Awake

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In order to combat sleepiness while driving down a road between Balladonia and Caiguna, Australian officials have installed road signs that allow drivers and passengers to play a little trivia game. The unique signs spread across the internet once viral content websites like Bored Panda picked up a popular Reddit post from user “eppinizer” who wrote, “Some roads in Australia are so long and boring they have trivia signs to keep drivers alert.” These signs are separated into question and answers with trivia about the country.

Apparently, the highway where these signs are placed runs through a mind-bogglingly boring expanse of a region where drivers can easily become hypnotized by the road, and falling asleep at the wheel is a likely, and dangerous, predicament. Bored Panda says that the highway doesn’t even have a turn for 90 straight miles! Therefore, there won’t be any oncoming traffic to keep drivers on their toes either.

But Reddit commenters joked that staying alert isn’t really even that important on the highway. “To be fair you could fall asleep and it would be a couple hours before you crashed into anything important,” a user named “pobody” joked. Obviously, it’s better to stay alert and play the “Fatigue Zone” trivia game.