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Beehives in Brazoria County Senselessly Knocked Down by Vandals

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Last week in Alvin, Texas, a group of beehives were knocked down by vandals. KHOU explains that the beehives are “used to help pollinate crops for local farms, so the damage may have a greater impact than just some angry bees and broken boxes.”

It could be theorized that a hungry animal knocked over the hives in search of honey, but the Brazoria County Beekeepers Association puts the Pooh Bear theory to rest in their latest Facebook post. They write that none of the frames that were covered in honey were missing, nor eaten, so they can only assume that humans knocked over all of the beehives out of “meanness.”

The vandals most likely received many stings from upset bees trying desperately to defend their colony and queen. Sadly, once honey bees sting, they die soon afterwards due to leaving behind their stinger and part of their abdomen lodged in their victim’s skin. The Brazoria County Beekeepers Association says that dozens more died while reassembling the boxes since the bees were distraught after being left in the rain in a disrupted hive all night.

According to Facebook, the hives are back together now, and nerves are winding down.