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Bobcats in DFW Are Simply Doing What They Do Best – Surviving

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The almost daily sighting of a bobcat in a northeast Dallas neighborhood has caused quite a stir. Noting that the sightings are common throughout DFW, Texas wildlife experts have identified that both bobcat and coyote populations in the metro area are extremely high.

Catching the creature on video earlier this month, Nicole Ortez, 17, has shared it with NBC DFW. In an interview with their news team, she said, “I know that me and my mom were pretty freaked out about it, seeing it, you know, but it was pretty fast.” The bobcat having a squirrel in its mouth in the video, Michael Ortez, Nicole’s father, noted, “You could hear the squirrel barking as it was being hauled off into the storm drain.” He’s also stated that within their neighborhood, there are at least two of these cats.


Photo: Wikimedia/Summer M. Tribble

At this time of year, bobcats have given birth to their young, not to mention the mild winter we’ve had, which has made way for more rats, snakes, and insects, which bobcats feed on. These two factors alone will mean an increased number of local sightings. Having grown up in the city, Michael Ortez said he feels these sightings are normal and has compassion for the animals, who are just trying to live. His daughter models his mindset, saying, “Animals are animals, and they’re going to be where they are. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.”