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A Cat Cafe Has Opened in San Marcos and It’s the ‘Cat’s Pajamas’

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What happens when you mix adoptable cats, allowed to hang out in a relaxed, comfortable lounge-environment, and animal lovers who love to be with cats? Well, a couple of things happen: First of all, you end up with lots of content shelter kitties who are given a second chance at a new life. Secondly, you might get lots of these cats adopted out to loving homes. Everybody wins! This is what has been happening at the newly-opened Cattery Lounge & Snackery in San Marcos.

A Simple but Effective Concept

Kitten at the Cattery

Photo: Facebook/Cattery Lounge & Snackery

Marketing Director, Kirsten Peek explains that the concept behind the cat cafe is simple but effective. Anyone who knows cats know that they do best being able to socialize on their own terms. When you visit a traditional animal shelter and see cats in cages, you’re not able to get an accurate read on a cat’s true personality. At the Cattery, cats are often found lounging on tables, on their custom-made cat trees or, most often, in the laps of visitors. The Cattery Lounge & Snackery just opened on August 5 and already they’ve had over 10 adoptions.

The cats who hang out at the Cattery come from a local shelter (PAWS in Hays County). All of the cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated before they arrive at the Cattery. They’re chosen by the shelter staff based on their personalities. This “cat cafe” model offers a way to make adoptions more accessible while also offering a unique community space for socializing.

A Haven for College Students

Cattery Lounge and Snackery
Photo: Facebook/Cattery Lounge & Snackery

Located just blocks from Texas State University, The Cattery sees lots of dorm-dwelling students who are suffering from pet withdrawals. The Cattery offers the perfect spot for studying (with wifi and snacks) along with the anxiety-reducing option of petting a cat. They also have board games available so that visitors can move their “family game night” over to the Cattery. Offering pre-packaged snacks for the humans (and kitty treats for the residents,) the Cattery is set up for people who want to grab a chair, pet a cat, and unwind a little.

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