Chris Stapleton Debuts ‘Broken Halos’ on Smoky Mountains Rise

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As part of Dolly Parton’s massively successful Smoky Mountains Rise telethon, Chris Stapleton premiered a new song entitled “Broken Halos.” Alongside his wife, Morgane, Stapleton debuted the song in what wound up becoming one of the many highlights of the telethon.

The telethon raised a whopping $9 million and counting for victims of the East Tennessee wildfires. Country music singers, songwriters, and celebrities, in general, volunteered their time and talents either through performing or by answering the pledge phones. Stapleton’s involvement brought a keen interest to the event, as fans of the genre have gotten behind his talent despite not being “commercially country”, and were no doubt excited to hear his new song. Hear ‘Broken Halos’, sung by Chris and Morgane Stapleton in the following video which was posted to Facebook by Mike Maher:

The audience most likely experienced chills while the country crooning couple sang about witnessing their share of broken halos. And considering the reason behind the Smoky Mountains Rise telethon, the song proved very poignant and powerful. We’re sure you’ll also enjoy this soon-to-be country music hit, as only Chris and Morgane can deliver.