Ciara & Husband Russell Wilson Pay a Visit to Young Cancer Patient Fan

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Hip-hop singer Ciara and her Seattle Seahawk quarterback husband, Russell Wilson, paid a special visit to a young fan named Chloe, who is presently battling brain cancer. Recently, both of the stars took to their respective social media pages to share a picture of their visit with her at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, saying she is in their prayers.

Ciara’s caption to her photo read: “This sweet angel Chloe is suffering from Brain Cancer… To see her and her family smile, brought the greatest joy to our hearts. She Is In Our Prayers. Together we are @[email protected] #MakeAWish.” Husband Russell also reiterated: “Chloe is super strong! Battling Brain Cancer @SeattleChildrensbut she is in @Ciara & I’s prayers! Love you dear! @WhyNotYouFDN & @StrongAgainstCancer trying to #MakeAWish come true!” according to a report by The Gospel Herald.

Ciara & Husband Russell Wilson Pay a Visit to Young Cancer Patient Fan

Photo: Facebook/Ciara

Ciara, born Ciara Princess Harris in Austin, is a singer, songwriter, album producer, model, dancer, and actress who has traveled the world with her family throughout her formative years, eventually settling in Atlanta, GA. She’s gone on to release six albums, producing a string of number ones, and has transitioned into acting and modeling as well as representing major cosmetics line, Revlon. Marrying Russell Wilson in 2016, the couple welcomed their first child in the spring of 2017, and together they empower and represent those that don’t often have a voice. Wilson’s father passed away in 2010 at the age of 55, following a long struggle with diabetes. According to a blog post by the Seattle Children’s Hospital, he visits them every Tuesday, making this particular visit a priority, and Ciara’s presence on the visit for Chloe was a special surprise.

Ciara & Husband Russell Wilson Pay a Visit to Young Cancer Patient Fan
Photo: Facebook/Russell Wilson

In an interview with The Gospel Herald, Wilson said, “I think ultimately God’s given me a great opportunity to give back. To share moments with people, and the idea that everything’s not perfect in life but if we can find a way to share love and to give back and to hopefully give a smile to somebody, that’s the hope. Every time I walk into the room I’m praying for a miracle. Whenever you see a young kid who’s eight years old, 10 years old, six years old, maybe a newborn, it’s never a good sight, but ultimately you hope and believe that that person will be able to overcome the situation and hopefully that you’ll be able to encourage the family members too as well.” He continued by saying, “God has given me a great opportunity to play the great game of football. But also he has given us all a great opportunity to share and give back. I think about my kids one day, I think about other people’s kids, and I don’t want it to be my kids, I don’t want it to be yours. So ultimately, it’s an opportunity to really save kids’ lives, and it’s really working, that’s the coolest part.”

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