Czech Recipes to Pin and Make for a Taste of History and Culture

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Just like German immigrants, Czech immigrants made a significant impact on the history and culture of the Texas Hill Country. And the influence extends beyond that Texas breakfast favorite of kolaches. If you’d like to tap into that heritage and try some Czech recipes at home, prepare these delicacies or pin them for later.

1. Czech Goulash

Czech Recipes Goulash

Photo: Pinterest/Jenne Kopalek

Hungary doesn’t have a corner on goulash. You can also find this dish in the countries of former Czechoslovakia. This recipe from Mooshu Jenne gives instructions for only one of the many goulash Czech recipes you’ll find. Try this dish on the next cold night when you want something warm and comforting.

2. Old-Country Czech Dumplings

Czech Recipes Bread Dumplings

Photo: Pinterest/Just A Pinch Recipes

Turn leftover bread scraps into a tasty side dish that perfectly absorbs extra gravy. These Czech dumplings from Just a Pinch make use of what you have to save money while still creating a great dish. Whether you find yourself needing or wanting to cook in a thrifty manner, make these dumplings for an unforgettable, easy-to-make side.

3. Czech Walnut Pastries

Czech Recipes Walnut Pastries

Photo: Pinterest/Key Ingredient Recipes

MyTastyTreasures on Key Ingredient Recipes has a recipe for Czech walnut pastries that make a great Christmas cookie or party dessert. Inside a sweet, cream cheese pastry, you will find cinnamon-flavored walnuts. Of course, if you prefer to use Texas pecans instead of walnuts, the recipe won’t be exactly the same but it will still have a tasty sweet and savory taste from the sugared nut filling. However you make it, plan to prepare this pastry when you need an amazing dessert.

4. Czech Fried Cheese

Czech Recipes Fried Cheese

Photo: Pinterest/The Spruce

Before you shun fried cheese, think about mozzarella sticks. Like Czech fried cheese (smažený sýr), mozzarella sticks are made of breaded and deep-fried cheese. This recipe from The Spruce introduces fried cheese and the variations between Czech and Slovak versions of the recipe. Try this when you want a creamy, warm appetizer that satisfies almost anyone.

5. Honey Cake

Czech Recipes Honey Cake
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