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The Dallas Zoo Welcomes First Lion Cub in 40 Years

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The Dallas Zoo recently made the news for ushering in two new hippos from out of state into their facility. Now, they’re welcoming another new resident, but this one was born right in Dallas – a lion cub named Bahati Moja! She was brought into the world on March 17th. The Dallas zoo explains on their Facebook page that Bahati Moja’s name means “lucky one” in Swahili.

Fox 4 News points out that the zoo didn’t announce the new cub until this Wednesday. Perhaps they wanted to make sure all was well before making a statement to the public. Incredibly, Bahati is the first lion cub to be born at the Dallas Zoo in over 40 years even though her mother, Lina, has had several pregnancies. It’s sad to say, but Lina has given birth to several stillborn cubs in the past. But in the case of Bahati, veterinarians intervened early to ensure her survival.

If you want to see Bahati, you’ll need to wait a few months before visiting. The Dallas Zoo will keep both Bahati and Lina “behind the scenes” for a while so that the pair can bond.

Follow the Dallas Zoo’s Facebook page for updates on Bahati and parents, Lina and Kamau.