Pet Owners in a Dallas Neighborhood Find Tainted Meatballs in Backyards

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Someone is tossing raw meatballs filled with small shards of glass into people’s yards. According to CBS DFW, the neighborhood where this awful ordeal is taking place is near 75 and Meadow Lane in North Dallas. Two people have found the dangerous food in their yards multiple times. They both own dogs but say they’ve never received any complaints about their pets.

On Facebook, CBS DFW readers are appalled at the cruelty of the person who is tossing out these deadly meatballs and offered up their thoughts on who might be doing such a coldhearted thing. Carol Potter writes, “It’s a neighbor. Probably someone who doesn’t like dogs or barking. Although I have heard of ppl whose dogs go missing and then are robbed soon afterward. Train your dog not to eat anything and search the yard before u let them out.”

One of the women who was targeted, Cathi Holtsclaw, told the news that at first she thought it might be someone hoping to kill wild animals like coyotes (though it would still be an incredibly cruel way of doing so). “If this is a neighbor and you’ve got an issue, why don’t you come talk to us about it? Why do something like this? I don’t understand it. Why? Why do you want to kill these dogs?” she pleaded to CBS.

Police are investigating the matter.