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Drag Boat Pilot Seriously Injured at LakeFest in Marble Falls

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Nearing the end of a fun-filled weekend at the 25th annual LakeFest Drag Boat Races in Marble Falls yesterday, something went terribly wrong.


Photo: Facebook/HarliWhiteRacing

A Facebook fan, Pamela Whitsford Schott caught this video of the crash which was shared by The Highlander News out of Marble Falls.

Scott Lumbert, pilot of the Spirit of Texas TFH — a category of drag boat known as a top fuel hydroplane — was participating in his final heat when nearing the finish line, flames erupted from the rear of his craft propelling him even further forward. The drag boat, estimated to be travelling at over 240 mph, was immediately consumed in smoke and flames.

Lumbert was rescued but because of the seriousness of his injuries was airlifted to Austin for treatment. After his arrival, doctors placed him in a medically-induced coma. In the latest update of his medical condition, reports say that Lumbert suffered a fractured arm and multiple facial fractures. He will remain sedated until the swelling in his brain and from the head trauma subsides.

Lumbert, 34, races for David Kirkland Racing out of Dallas. He’s loved drag boat racing since he was a kid. He began racing on a family-owned hydroplane and was named rookie of the year in 1997. In 1998 and 1999, he became world champion in the top fuel jet category before stepping up to top fuel hydro in 2000. He never looked back.