Fall Minestrone Soup: Using Local Produce & Texas-Made Products

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Many people think of warmer meals, and warming up your insides when fall time approaches. Despite the fact that in parts of Texas, traditional fall images cease to exist as the thermometer refuses to dip below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, that doesn’t stop many home-based connoisseurs of fine fall food from trying their hand at family recipes. One such phenomenal feast is Fall Minestrone Soup.

Originally posted by Well Plated and found on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, Fall Minestrone Soup features foods that were inspired by fall time farmers’ market shopping. It’s loaded with fresh, abundant produce and paired with a French baguette for dipping or simply eating on the side, and it speaks to the type of heartiness you often look for in cool-weather meals. Much of the ingredients for this meal can be sourced from local markets, but one ingredient, in particular, is a definite must-buy from a Texas standpoint. A number of olive ranches exist in the Lone Star State for the sole purpose of producing some of the highest quality regionally-made Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, for which the taste can’t be beaten. The addition of locally-made produce and products to your recipes such as this will only serve to enhance the flavor, and most likely the experience (having visited an olive oil tasting room is on par with visiting a winery – it’s exceptional.)

Fall Minestrone Soup

Fall Minestrone Soup: Using Fresh, Locally-Grown Produce & Texas-Made Products


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Butternut Squash





Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has the original recipe from Well Plated, including all ingredients, measurements, mixing and cooking process, and serving suggestions. Wherever possible, the use of fresh, locally-grown produce is encouraged, and although the use of Texas-made products such as the EVOO is not essential to the overall outcome of the meal, it certainly can’t detract from the taste. Enjoy your Fall Minestrone Soup!

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