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Audience Members Fear Real Shooting During Movie in the Woodlands

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On Saturday night at the Cinemark Theatre on Lake Robbins Drive next to the Woodlands Pavilion, audience members became very alarmed during a film. They thought that the shooting taking place on screen was coinciding with real gunfire. According to ABC 13, the event took place during a showing of “American Assassin,” and during one of the shootouts in the film, it sounded as if real gunfire was going on just outside of the theater. People flocked out the doors and even warned others to leave. When police arrived on the scene, they investigated the event but determined that there was no actual gunfire.

On ABC13’s Facebook page, several people commented that they felt the moviegoers’ responses were over the top since they were seeing “American Assassin,” but others pointed out that their reactions were understandable if one evokes a bit of empathy. Mike North took the comments section to write, “As someone who was in Vegas during the recent mass shooting, I can say you’re going to see more of this. If you’re in the theater next to the one showing a shootout movie, I can see how people could think there might be something going on. America is on edge.”