Combining 2 Pop Culture Crazes: Fidget Spinner Bath Bombs Are Here

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Peanut butter and jelly, Bert and Ernie, fidget spinners and bath bombs? The two might not seem like a logical duo, but sometimes pop culture crazes get combined in weird and wonderful ways. The new fidget spinner bath bomb from Lush actually works as both products – people can chill out in the bath tub and spin to their heart’s content until they want to release a symphony of scents into the water. Once this fidget spinner comes in contact with water, it immediately starts bubbling and releasing grapefruit, lemon, and lime oils into the bath and air. says, “Hold under running water for bubbles of lemon and lime for brighter moods and clearer minds. Spin away your worries and allow the piles of citrus bubbles to soak up your cares. When you’re done, place it on the side and allow to dry out ready to spin on another fidgety day.”

But before you get too excited over the mesmerizing new product, Lush might burst your bubble by only selling the products overseas…for now. According to Bustle, when the spinner came out in the UK it sold out quickly and has already been restocked. An obvious decision would be to bring the product to the U.S. after its successful debut. Keep your eyes peeled on the U.S. Lush site for updates.