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HeliBacon Offers Texans Helicopter Rides to Hunt Feral Hogs

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Though news recently broke about a new law allowing hunters to take aim from the sky from a hot air balloon, helicopter companies are already organizing flights for adventurers who want to take a unique trip. MySA.com reports that HeliBacon, based out of Bryan, Texas, is one of the best companies to take hunters up in the air to shoot wild hogs, the notoriously plentiful creatures that are wreaking havoc on farmlands.

HeliBacon’s chopper can fly a group of eight above private farm and ranch land along with provided machine guns and endless ammo. Groups can expect to kill 12-20 wild hogs in a day, and food and hotel rooms are provided in a $35,800 fee. Managing partner of HeliBacon, Chris Britt, says that the exorbitant “Works” package is mostly meant for the “ultimate corporate outing” with “a chance to scratch something off your bucket list.”

There’s also a two-person package available for $3,695. It includes a 2-hour flight and safety instruction with an optional $1,795 add on for an additional hour and $395 for video of your flight.

Helibacon.com writes that their helicopter flies “15 feet off the ground at highway speeds,” and of course, a hunting license is needed.