Horiatiki: A Classic Greek Salad Sans the Leafy Greens

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This classic Greek salad has to be one of the more well-known dishes outside of Greece, and while there are many variations, Horiatiki is one which can’t steer you wrong. Meaning “village” in Greek, it consists of cucumber, tomato, olives, feta, and olive oil. There is no lettuce used in this salad, unlike the kind that may come to mind in which Romaine is commonly used. It is also barely mixed prior to serving and the feta traditionally sits on top in a slab form, as opposed to broken into chunks.

As with many of the most delicious yet simple dishes, Horiatiki requires the use of excellent ingredients. What better way to make such a salad than with ingredients that are locally sourced? In Texas, you’ll find a variety of olive ranches that produce high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), not to mention the many produce markets that will feature fresh tomatoes, fresh and fragrant oregano, kalamata olives and the real-deal Greek feta. Shared on, this recipe for Horiatiki also features green peppers, however, you can decide if that’s an addition you wish to make.


Horiatiki: A Classic Greek Salad Sans the Leafy Greens


Key ingredients for this recipe include:



Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Red Wine Vinegar

INSTRUCTIONS: features a full ingredient listing, all measurements, mixture process, and serving suggestion on the web link provided here. The use of locally-produced EVOO isn’t a necessity for this recipe, however, the substitution wouldn’t deem it any less than stellar considering the great standards to which Texas olive oils are held. Enjoy your Horiatiki!