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Houston’s Wildlife Center Sees Huge Increase in Animals From Last Year

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According to their website, the Wildlife Center of Texas on Katy Road in Houston, TX, takes in every single native creature to Texas to treat them for any ailment. They work alongside the Houston Society for the Prevention Cruelty to Animals (HSPCA) to give wild animals “a place to heal, a place to grow and a place to be wild.”

Though their hands were full last year, the Wildlife Center of Texas’s needs have grown quite a bit this year with a rising number of injured and/or ill creatures coming into the facility. Executive Director, Sharon Schmalz told the CW 39, “It’s amazing how many animals we have right now. We have over 300 more this year than we had last year.”

The most likely reason that the organization is dealing with so many animals is attributed to Houston’s growth since the city is constantly building more homes and businesses. “Being that Houston is one of the fastest growing cities people coming into the area, more concrete in the area, so wildlife is trying to find its place and we’re always gonna have wildlife around,” Schmalz said.

She encourages Houstonians to embrace the critters in their area, not to shun them. If you want to volunteer with the Wildlife Center of Texas, check out their website here.