The Beloved, Anonymous Keller Bridge Nature Art Has Been Vandalized

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In the Bear Creek Parkway tunnel in Keller, graffiti of a deer, an armadillo and a bird popped up overnight, and the uncommissioned works of art were so beautiful that Keller residents were delighted. The CW 33 News reported that two wild turkeys and a snapping turtle had joined the illustrated animal crew under the bridge last week.

The City of Keller offered to allow the artist to paint a proper mural, but the artist decided to remain anonymous, either to keep up the mysterious fun or to protect themselves from any repercussions resulting from painting illegal graffiti.

Sadly, Dallas News reports that vandals destroyed the artwork over the weekend and that workers have since covered the pieces. The City of Keller posted on its Facebook page, “Bummed to share that the wildlife art in the Bear Creek Parkway tunnel that our community was enjoying so much was vandalized this weekend and so had to be painted over. RIP, little guys.”

Locals are expressing their disgust for the vandal who ruined the pieces for the community in the Facebook comment section. The enigmatic painted animals brought a lot of joy to visitors, and people are hoping that the artist doesn’t get discouraged and will come forward to paint a new piece.