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7-Year-Old Texan Named “Kidtrepreneur of the Year” for Founding Nonprofit

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The term “Kidtrepreneur of the Year” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in a Texas accent, but it’s certainly a special title that was recently earned by 7-year-old Rockwall resident Kaden Newton. Fox 4 News says that he was the youngest of all of the nominees in the running to win the title and prize money totaling $10,000 via a vote on Barbara’s Bakery’s Facebook page.

Barbara’s Bakery, best known for its products like Puffins cereals and Snackimals, was founded in the 70s by a 17-year-old girl. Now the company likes to highlight and reward young people who are ambitiously becoming entrepreneurs. Newton was chosen for founding Mac & Cheese and Pancakes, a nonprofit that collects “kid-friendly food” for local food pantries.

“You can go to his Amazon Wishlist at http://bit.ly/KadenNewton and ship it directly to his headquarters. Thanks for spreading the word and helping fight childhood hunger!!” the Mac & Cheese and Pancakes Facebook page reads.

How is Newton planning to spend his prize money? “We can buy a lot of food and, more importantly, mac and cheese because that’s a 30-cents box,” Newton told Fox 4 News, excited to keep giving back to his community and those in need.