New Kitty Hawk Flyer Personal Plane Can Fly Just Above the Water

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Ever wish you could simply fly over to your friend’s lake house in only two minutes to meet up for dinner? Well, perhaps that isn’t the most relatable scenario, but it’s one way that the new Kitty Hawk Flyer is introducing itself to potential customers in a new commercial on YouTube. The makers of this extravagant vehicle says that it is an FAA regulated, “all-electric aircraft” that you “don’t need a pilot’s license and you’ll learn to fly it in minutes.”

The New York Times writes that this is the tech industry’s newest take on the flying car we all thought we would have by the year 2000. It certainly does have a futuristic feel, but when it comes to the aircraft’s trajectory of ushering in the utopia of flying cars, there are many naysayers. “Silicon Valley is full of very smart people, but they don’t always get the laws of physics. Gravity is a formidable adversary,” MIT mechanical engineer John Leonard told the Times.

Regardless of future aspirations, this above-water flyer can certainly provide entertainment. Right now, perspective buyers of the Kitty Hawk are encouraged to sign up for a three-year membership to gain access to flight demonstrations and get put on the waitlist for the launch of the aircraft in late 2017. The price of the plane is currently unknown.