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Texas Lawmakers Consider Ending Car Inspections

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Penned by Sen. Don Huffines, Senate Bill 1588 says that Texans shouldn’t have to get their vehicles inspected every year to meet the requirements of state law. ABC 13 quotes Huffines as saying in a press release, “With significant technological advances in vehicle design and technology, this 66-year-old program is a relic of the past. State government is wasting Texans’ time & money on the annual chore of passenger inspections when 34 other states, including populous states like California, don’t require it of their drivers.” Huffines added that getting rid of the program would act as a sort of tax cut to Texans.

Chron.com points out that currently, car inspections check vehicles for safety features like properly functioning brakes, mirrors and turn signals. The yearly checks also look at the level of emissions a car pumps out into the atmosphere. Commenters on the article explaining the new bill on Chron.com had varying views on the idea to eliminate inspections. Pops. D. Clutch wrote, “Forgotten in this article is the inspections catch bad exhaust leaks and illegal modified exhaust systems that are very loud. And remember that the State has to make up the loss somewhere.”