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Lawmakers Move Bill Forward to Make Divorce Harder in Texas

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In late December of last year, KXAN wrote that Representative Matt Krause (R) from Fort Worth had drawn up a plan to make divorces more difficult to get in an attempt to keep families together. Since most divorces in the state end in a “no fault” agreement where the couple splits their assets, Krause wants to eliminate the ability to get a “no fault” divorce. This will force couples to have one of the other reasons for divorce like cruelty, abandonment or adultery. If none of those reasons are present and able to be proved in the marriage, the couple must stay together to try to work it out.

Krause says that the bill will protect the spouse that wants the marriage to stay together. Now, it’s moving through the Texas Legislature, along with some major changes made after many criticized the extremity of the contents. KXAN is reporting that “HB 65 had its first public hearing in the Texas House Committee on Juvenile Justice and Family Issues….The updated version limits divorces to unilateral marriages, meaning fault must be proven only when both parties in the marriage don’t consent to the divorce. The new version also limits the bill to marriages with children.”