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Lawmakers Might Say Good Riddance to Red Light Cameras

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Kelly Canon is ready for Texas to do away with red light cameras. Canon told Fox 4 News that after getting a ticket in the mail in 2013 from one of the cameras, she worked to get rid of them in Arlington. In fact, many Texas cities don’t use the devices any longer, and now, lawmakers are considering banning them throughout the state.

The main issue with red light cameras, according to Canon, “It turns the entire constitution backwards. You’re supposed to have due process of law which means you can face your accuser which in this case is a camera.”

One bill currently going to the Texas senate says that the cameras will be eliminated, while another says that vehicle registration cannot be blocked because of unpaid tickets from the red light cameras.

But not everyone is happy with this idea. Garland Police Lt. Pedro Barineau says that the cameras help keep the roads safe and that removing them will tell “motorists it’s okay to run red lights.” He adds that when drivers know the cameras are there, they slow down and become more aware of the intersection.

KXAN states that when Round Rock said goodbye to their cameras, crashes increased, but local police maintain that the cameras didn’t really help enough. Instead, they increased officer enforcement at the dangerous intersections.