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A New List Compiles the Top 100 Suburbs in the State of Texas

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A new list compiled by Niche.com, a website that aims to help people learn about what areas are right for them in relation to school districts and neighborhood attributes, catalogs the top 100 suburbs in the state of Texas.

Click2Houston is quick to point out that the ambitiously lengthy list contains “four of Houston’s suburbs were in the Top 10, and 31 suburbs made the list of 100.” But the number one spot actually belongs to the Central Texas suburb of Rollingwood, just to the west of Mo-Pac and close to the middle of Austin. Sixteen other Austin-area neighborhoods made the cut, as well.

The Statesman explains that Niche.com’s list was made by taking several factors into consideration. They used data collected on their own site along with other information from the U.S. Census. Also, “cost of living, home values and public schools each made up 10 percent of a suburb’s score. Diversity and commuting time each accounted for 7.5 percent.  All other factors like nightlife or jobs made up 5 percent of a suburb’s grade.”

In the case of Rollingwood, the median home price is an eye-popping $757,100! The suburb received an overall grade of A+ and it marked very highly on “good for families” and “public schools.” Check out the rest of the list here.