Mongolia’s Got Talent Covers ‘Amarillo By Morning’

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Mongolia’s Got Talent recently held auditions for their reality show which brought the reality of George Strait’s international stardom to the forefront! The Texas country music star has reached fans around the world and Mongolia is no exception. Contestant O. Enjh-Erdene amazed the crowd with his rendition of Strait’s “Amarillo By Morning” in a shockingly spot-on version.

Leaving the audience and judges in amazement, Enkh-Erdene appeared to have no problem giving an enthusiastic rendition of this Texan’s hit, sounding similar in nature, tone, and even drawl!

On a good day, you’re hard-pressed to find a karaoke king in the US that sounds remotely similar to the King of Country Music, never mind an actual vocalist in Mongolia! Kudos to Enkh-Erdene for his effort and obvious good taste in country music. He still has a place on the show and just recently did a dynamic impersonation of Elvis Presley that wowed fans and critics alike. If music is a universal language, then his rendition of Strait’s classic proves that country music is the best form of interpretation!