People With Limited Motor Abilities Plays Music with Their Brains

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Paramusical Ensemble” is a short documentary made last year in London that shows how new technology can “bridge the gap” between creative intent and physical ability. The idea was to empower those with disabilities with a renewed ability to make music and even perform with the help of professional musicians.

The participants were four people who had very impaired physical ability, but had a connection to music when they had control over their bodies. The video shows how they reconnect with the idea of actively participating in music once again by being able to map out notes on a staff to compose phrases and complete songs.

The practice culminates in a performance of “Activating Memory” by the Paramusical Ensemble at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. Like Upworthy says, the group could be considered an octet since the four violinists and four composers are working together at the same time. It’s rare that the neuro patients are able to do something that involves teamwork, so this project even brings out an incredible social freedom as well.

Watch the video below to see this powerful use of technology that could vastly improve the lives of people with physical disabilities.