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The Cheesecake Factory Will Introduce a New Flavor on National Cheesecake Day

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Did you know that National Cheesecake Day is coming up on July 30th? It’s probably not the first “holiday” you think in the hot summer month of July, but the Cheesecake Factory is already thinking ahead and eagerly awaiting the day that’s tailor-made for their brand.

USA Today writes that the Cheesecake Factory has already planned out exactly how they’ll celebrate, and they’re hoping that by releasing information about their new, limited edition cheesecake flavor, that you’ll mark July 30th down in your calendar, too. The news describes their colorful Celebration Cheesecake as “layers of original cheesecake, vanilla cake, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla mousse topped with cream cheese frosting. The fun part? There’s multi-colored confetti sprinkles baked in and sprinkled on top.”

If the cute cake has your tastebuds feeling intrigued, stop by the Cheesecake Factory from the very end of July and through August to grab a piece. Twenty-five cents worth of your purchase will go toward Feeing America, which ABC 13 describes as “the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization.” But if you haven’t fallen into the craze of colorful sweet treats (like items inspired by unicorns), you can still pick out one of their 30 other flavors.