News Anchor’s Holiday Dip Goes Horribly Wrong

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Global News anchor Leslie Horton’s artichoke dip did not endear her to her coworkers. The Calgary traffic reporter said she normally prefers to buy Safeway fruit cakes for Christmas get togethers, but in the spirit of the season, thought she would make a dip.

Unfortunately, her culinary skills leave something to be desired, as one coworker came close to vomiting on-air!

While gagging, meteorologist Jordan Witzel, managed to say, “It’s not that bad. It’s ― the vinegar.” Horton responded, “But there’s no vinegar in there!” and things proceeded to go downhill from there. Twitter fans of Horton have since tried to encourage her with offers to taste the creation, however she has kindly declined on their offer. Have you ever had a cooking creation go this bad?