‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’: Cult Classic 25th Anniversary Sequel

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This year will commemorate the 25th anniversary of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the Tim Burton/Henry Selick movie that’s since become a cult classic. Fans of the movie would anticipate that the 1993 film’s quarter-of-a-century birthday would be marked in some fashion, and they would be right.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’: 25th Anniversary Sequel Details for the Cult Classic

Photo: Facebook/The Nightmare Before Christmas

The movie will, in fact, be getting a sequel, but not in the same format as you may expect. This time, the show will go on in comic book form. In a story released by The Hollywood Reporter, it’s been announced that Tokyopop will publish the sequel on the license it secured to expand on the story. Nightmare fans can anticipate new adventures in Christmas Town in this version entitled “The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey.” Written by DJ Milky in conjunction with art designs and layouts from Studio DICE, this follow-up will expand on Jack Skellington and additional characters in a way that hasn’t been done before.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’: 25th Anniversary Sequel Details for the Cult Classic
Photo: Facebook/Tim Burton – Official Page

Tim Burton, former co-creator of the original movie, is presently working on a live-action remake of the Disney movie Dumbo, so the concept of coordinating a full sequel to his classic film is probably farthest from his mind at this point. His creativity in this film is sure to win over the hearts and minds of Disney fans, not to mention Burton followers. In fact, according to Glide Magazine, the city of Austin, Texas honored Burton back in 2016 with his very own holiday called “Keep Austin Peculiar Day,” based on the popularity of his movie “Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children” at last year’s Fantastic Fest film festival. It’s true he has a great following among Texas fans, and your guess is as good as ours on what magical movie journey he’ll take us on next – but we can’t wait to see it!

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