Owen Wilson Brings Human Quality to Lightning McQueen in ‘Cars 3’

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Owen Wilson has made us laugh and cry as we watch him mature in his roles on the silver screen, but one role, in particular, has brought this Dallas, Texas native notoriety without ever having been seen at all. Voicing the lead character in Disney/Pixar’s epic series “Cars,” the third installment of which was just released into theaters this summer, Wilson has brought to life a pedigree of race car and human we all can relate to.

Redeeming itself as part of the epic that kids grew up with in the mid-2000s, “Cars 3” pits protagonist Lightning McQueen (Wilson’s character) at a crossroads in his racing career against younger, more advanced automobiles like Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). McQueen’s old competition has long since retired and he’s in the record books for having won five Piston Cups.

Shared on the Walt Disney Studios, Malaysia YouTube channel, the trailer for “Cars 3” is artful and intense! Can a 2006 custom-built piston cup racer go head-to-head with Jackson Storm, a “Next Gen” racer with 850 horsepower? Storm proves himself to be fast and sleek, as well as cocky. And then there’s Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo), who is tech-savvy, and level-headed as a Rust-eze Racing Centre trainer. Despite her words of wisdom, McQueen tries once again to go it his own way, learning from the school of hard knocks. As they go through their motions, we learn that Cruz is ultimately a gifted racer, and never really got her chance to reach her full potential. But with flashbacks of his former mentor, Doc Hudson (the late Paul Newman), and support from friends like Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), and Sally, his girlfriend (Bonnie Hunt), Lightning McQueen tries once again to get back his glory, learning what a real champion is made of.


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