Paper Beats Rock: No Ordinary Schoolyard Game When You’re Cutting With Paper

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We’ve all had it happen at one time or another. The dreaded paper cut has sliced its way into our pinkies, pointers, cuticles, and crevices of our hands, rendering us helpless for a brief moment in time. And as we sit there, silently wondering how it is that something which appears so deceivingly flimsy could leave us feeling so diminutive, someone has taken that same amount of time to investigate it further!

A video showing the many items that can be sliced through using nothing but paper has been posted on the Mr. Hacker YouTube account, and it’s turning out to be cutting-edge. Comprised of nothing but paper and glue, Mr. Hacker walks his viewers through the process of making an actual circular saw blade, and proceeding to show the world just exactly what can be done with it! From cardboard to pencils, plastic caps to plastic plumbing, paper wins every time!

The video ultimately shows true irony, in that paper is a by-product of the cutting of trees (normally performed using a metal saw blade), and yet here it is, itself doing the cutting of some everyday items that are rather strong in comparison! Mr. Hacker, you make good videos (to change a popular phrase a little…) that capturing the true strength of something so seemingly every-day. It begs the question: will paper be the next item to potentially be banned from Texas schools and airports?