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Pearl Recognized by the American Planning Association

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According to their website, the American Planning Association aids in the “…development of vital communities by advocating excellence in planning, promoting education and citizen empowerment, and providing our members with the tools and support necessary to meet the challenges of growth and change.” This Washington D.C. based organization recently recognized an area of San Antonio, Texas that has undergone big changes in the last 10 years known as the Pearl neighborhood.

The Pearl has expertly mixed old and new architecture to form a gorgeous section in the middle of the city. Within it sits a park and splash pad area that pairs nicely with Riverwalk access, the swanky Hotel Emma, and 50 businesses including a local vegetarian restaurant, an artisan ice cream shop, a Culinary Institute, and of course, the old Pearl Brewery.

KSAT writes that the American Planning Association specifically named Pearl as “…one of 15 great places in America…” alongside Uptown Greenwood in Greenwood, South Carolina, and Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The chief marketing officer for Pearl, Elizabeth Fauerso, told the news that she sees the greatness of the area due to its “…connection to our distinct South Texas heritage, dense and dynamic activities and, most importantly, lots of people making and doing things that they are proud to share.”