‘Redneck Paradise’ Blue-Collar Anthem

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Never one to hide his redneck sensibilities, Kid Rock put any naysayers to rest by teaming up with his personal hero and country music superstar, Hank Williams Jr. And although you may already be a fan, bought the CD, downloaded every hint of collaboration between the two and are preparing to develop the joint fan club (“joint” meaning for the two of them!) you won’t want to miss the music video that accompanies the song that could be the anthem for a southern way of life.

“Redneck Paradise” is a song that Rock and Williams perform to not only solidify the reasons for their friendship but also to relate to fans their profound love of all things “redneck.” Hunting, big trucks, comfort food, and camouflage complete the set for these two good ole boys who are clearly passionate about the laid-back way of life.

With lyrics that show nothing but love for slowing your roll, and measuring your “wealth in friends and family,” the song appeals to so many that love not just the praise of looking a certain way, but actually being a certain way as well. It’s a toe-tapping, juke-joint-rockin’, whiskey-drinking kind of song for not just the blue-collar crowd, but for all those that love the simple life!