Saint Arnold’s Brewery to Marry Couples and Give Away Free Honeymoon

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“Have you ever wanted to get married by Saint Arnold? Yeah, I mean, really, legally married,” Lennie Ambrose from Saint Arnold’s Brewing asks viewers of their new post on YouTube. In the video, Ambrose explains that Saint Arnold’s will be attending the Big Texas Beer Fest in Dallas on March 31st and April 1st. Engaged attendees can bring their legal marriage license to hand off to Saint Arnold himself (well, a guy dressed up as the saint) to sign and marry couples on the spot.

Once they seal the deal, every couple will receive a free honeymoon to Houston. It will include a two-night stay, a VIP tour of the brewery, and a delicious meal at Underbelly. Their website adds that “the dates of the honeymoon will be scheduled at an agreed upon time by the wedding couple, the hotel, Underbelly, and the staff at Saint Arnold.” All couples need to do is buy a ticket for the event and be ready to get married at the Big Texas Beer Fest!

While some people might not believe the wedding photos posted on April Fools Day, Saint Arnold’s says that all of the marriages performed will be real, legal weddings.