These Smart Chairs Know to How Self-Park At a Table

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In an Instagram post from Futurism, an account that focuses on the “science and technology that will shape the future of humanity,” over 539,000 followers were introduced to an innovative, and bizarre-looking, piece of technology from Nissan – self-parking smart chairs.

In the video, one can see what takes place after a meeting adjourns and everyone files out of the room. The chairs can be commanded to return to their perfectly lined-up positions with their arms under the desks. It only takes a loud clap to activate the entire fleet of chairs.

According to Engadget, the chairs, which have been around for over a year, are “Okamura chairs” which, “…are actually tracked by four motion cameras on the walls, and then they are simultaneously controlled via Wi-Fi.”

Even though it would be extremely entertaining to have these in your office or house, it doesn’t seem like Nissan ever intends to make these products available for purchase. They’re special pieces of technology made by the company to show off their parking assist technology, and dazzle anyone who witnesses the weird sight.

But Instagram commenter Coraabe brings up a good point, “What if you’re giving a presentation and people start clapping?” Hopefully, the chairs “know” when people are sitting in them.

These chairs might not be in your office anytime soon…but they should be.

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