Snake Shocks Woman as it Emerges From Her Car’s AC Vent

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“I was on four-lane highway and I all of a sudden see the snake coming out of the vent near my left hand. It took me a second to realize — that is real,” Florida resident Monica Dorsett told BuzzFeed News. Of course, once Dorsett saw the nightmarish sight of a red snake emerging out of her AC vent, she freaked out a bit. Amazingly, she was able to keep calm enough to exit the highway and drive into a parking lot. In the lot, she quickly jumped out of the car and slammed the door on the snake. Then, she called her husband to assist her.

Dorsett didn’t mean to slam the door on the equally confused snake, but after she snapped a few photos from safely outside the car, she thought the snake was on its way out. When it turned back to the refuge of the car, she panicked and closed the door, which trapped its tail. When her husband came and opened the door, he had to “euthanize” the snake, Fox 13 writes.

Experts say the snake was a red rat snake which are some of the best climbers when it comes to snake species. They are not harmful to humans.