Pilot Flies From Minnesota to Texas With SPAM for Flood Victims

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ABC 13 reports that when Lakeville, Minnesota pilot Louis Olsen saw the devastation in Texas, he knew he wanted to reach out in some way. In a unique act of kindness, Olsen planned a flight to impacted areas and a pit stop by SPAM to gather food for the flood victims. “The SPAM will last and they can move it into areas and they don’t have to worry about it going bad,” Olsen explained to the news.

Olsen raised $1,500 from his friends before calling up Hormel, asking to buy cases of SPAM. The company said they’d donate the food to him instead, and Olsen was able to haul 32 cases (over 300 cans) to Texas. Hormel spokeswoman Kelly Braaten stated, “As a food company, we’re really inspired to help others and use our protein products to help feed the hungry and those in need when disaster strikes.”

According to the SPAM Facebook page, there are quite a few ways people can prepare the canned meat (if they have the means after dealing with Harvey, of course). SPAM can be incorporated into breakfast burritos, cheeseburger dip, a Philly sandwich, and tossed in with some noodles. It can help give a protein boost to those who need extra energy dealing with post-Harvey problems.