Starbucks to Release Bright New Cup Colors to Welcome Spring

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The excitement over Starbucks’ famous red cups has spilled over into another season this year with the company’s first ever offering of three new cup colors to welcome spring! Fox 5 says that Starbucks “debuted its first seasonal cup in 1997,” and they’ve celebrated summer and fall with new cups, but this is the first time spring gets its due.

In the released photo, each cup size has its own fresh color: tall is a nice light green with a doodle of a girl’s face, grande is a beautiful aqua with an umbrella, and venti is a bright yellow with a smiling sun. The Huffington Post says the cups come out on May 16th in North America, but will only be available for a short time.

According to photos posted by Mashable, the Starbucks cups will actually be left blank in order to encourage customers to draw their own designs on them. In fact, the only “design” on the cups will be the big white circle. Some customers are really into the idea, while others have pointed out on social media that the blank circles against a yellow or blue backdrop look surprisingly like the Twitter default photos!