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The Entire State Could Embrace the ‘No Texting and Driving’ Law

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Texas drivers know these situations all too well – suddenly, you’re cut off in traffic, stuck behind someone going dangerously slow, or you’re dodging an aimless car gliding into the surrounding lanes. When you get close to their driver’s window, you notice that their head is down, texting.

Right now, Texas doesn’t have an official state law saying whether or not drivers are allowed to text while they’re driving. The Texas Department of Transportation points out that many cities have adopted the “no texting while driving” stance, particularly for those under 18, people with a learner’s permit and for anyone driving through a school zone.

If drivers are caught staring at their phones while trying to type, they face hundreds of dollars in fines due to putting themselves and others into harm’s way. “One in five crashes involves driver distraction. Drivers who use cell phones in their vehicles have a higher risk of collision than drivers who don’t, whether holding the phone or using a hands-free device,” TXDot’s website explains.

According to ABC 13, Texas lawmakers see the benefit of having a state law in place so they’ve moved House Bill 62 forward on Thursday. It will go before the House and the Senate to see how state representatives feel about the issue soon.