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Little Boy Reunites With His Teddy Bear After Losing Him at the Airport

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As if traveling isn’t stressful enough, imagine misplacing your best friend at the airport. Maybe adults can’t quite relate, but that’s what happened to four-year-old Luke Swofford and his companion Teddy Bear according to CBS DFW. Luke received Teddy as a gift when he was born, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Unfortunately, while traveling home from Colorado to Dallas Love Field, Teddy got lost in the shuffle of bags and travel chaos that ensues when you’re tired from flight delays.

Nikki Swofford, Luke’s mom, told ABC 13 that once they realized that Teddy didn’t make it home with the family, they immediately turned around and went back to the airport despite already traveling for 13 hours. “I was just heartbroken. I’m sobbing like a fool and so sad for Luke,” she said. “I love Teddy Bear too. Anybody who’s had their kids’ favorite toy around all the time, you know they’re a part of your family. We were all heartbroken. And you hurt when your kids hurt.”

The family went home Teddy-less that night but notified the airport that they were missing their bear buddy. After Nikki posted to social media, things really moved forward and Teddy was found! Not only was Teddy safe, he also got to sit in the cockpit of a plane and dress up in Dallas Love Field gear. The cute photos airport employees took the stress out of the week without Teddy. He was on an adventure, after all!