Texas Teen Shot Down a Bald Eagle in Harris County

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Orlando David Delgado, 17, is out on bond after it was discovered the teen shot and killed a bald eagle in the Woodland Oaks neighborhood. According to Click2Houston, a witness says they saw Delgado with two friends staring up into a tree where an eagle had its nest. Delgado shot the bird down to the ground where he proceeded to fire several more shots. Then the group left, taking a feather.

People in the area knew the bald eagle lived peacefully in that tree for years. Neighbors enjoyed watching it swoop through the skies. Dale Jozwiak told Click2Houston that once he saw what happened to the bird, he stood watch over its body until the authorities arrived, trying to give it some sort of honor after such a senseless death.

“I’ve watched the eagle for over five years and thought it was my responsibility to just stand guard over the eagle, where no one would take it away or (have any) disregard of it,” Jozwiak told the news.

KXAN explains, “Because of Delgado’s age, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declined to prosecute, but game warden H.R. Volschenk of Texas Parks and Wildlife said Delgado would be charged with hunting without a landowner’s consent, a class A misdemeanor.”