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Texas Woman Had to Call 911 After Getting Her Hand Stuck in the Toilet

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Gracie Henderson recently moved into a new home in New Caney, Texas (outside of Houston). She was trying to fix the toilet, but she didn’t have a plunger in the new house yet, so she thought her next best option was to use her hand. Unfortunately, she failed to remove her watch before cramming her hand into the plumbing, and Henderson got herself hopelessly stuck in the hole. “I was just gonna see if I could feel a wad of toilet paper or something I could just pull out. But then my hand wouldn’t come back out,” she confessed to Chron.com.

Friend Nicole Mullins documented the ordeal for a video she shared on Facebook and news stations like KHOU. In the video, the East County Fire Department showed up to free Henderson from the porcelain throne. They detached the toilet from the floor and walked out to the yard where they delicately chipped away at the ceramic with a hammer until it freed her hand.

Henderson was in a bit of pain, but she maintained a positive attitude and an appreciation for the ridiculousness of the situation, as well. Hopefully, she purchased a plunger when she had to buy a new toilet to replace the broken one!