Watch These Beautiful Young Tigers Learn How to Swim

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“Don’t jump into the water if you’re being chased by a tiger,” tiger expert Giles Clark says in one of BBC Earth’s YouTube videos taken from the mini-series called “Tigers About the House.” The series played in 2014-2015 and chronicled the young lives of two Sumatran tigers, Spot and Stripe, as Clark helped ensure their survival and adaptability.

Clark hand-raised twins Spot and Stripe due to their vulnerability to illness and the desperate need to keep the tiger population growing. When the pair were deemed old enough to be introduced to the water a public enclosure at the Australia Zoo, Clark wasn’t sure exactly how they would react even though tigers are known to enjoy swimming, and they’re extremely good at it. Their powerful muscles propel them through the water with strength and catlike grace.

In the adorable video, we get to watch as Spot waltzes right into the water. Stripe needed  a helping hand to get started, but once he was in, he took to the water well. “These guys are going to be water babies for sure,” Clark said proudly.

The most recent update on these tigers was posted last year on the Australia Zoo Facebook. It shows that the brothers are both doing well and still hanging out with their buddy, Clark.