3 Insanely Brilliant Ways to Deliciously Top a Hot Dog

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Having the best juicy steaks, the most amazing slow-smoked meats, and the mouth-watering meals like King Ranch Casserole here in Texas means there’s usually a lot of hungry mouths who are authorities on great food. But, what if you just want something simple? What if you’re a hot dog fan in what seems like a world of full-course meals? Well, you’re in luck. Here are three great ways to top a hot dog that are insanely brilliant!

1. The Texas Tommy

Three Insanely Brilliant Ways to Top a Hot Dog

Photo: Facebook/Zambia Beer & Braai Festival

Originally created in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in the 1950s, the Texas Tommy is a hot dog covered with bacon and cheese. It can be grilled or even deep-fried, and can be done with any type of cheese or bacon combination you prefer; however, the original was a simple, standard bacon and American cheese. Quite popular in South Jersey, Delaware Valley, and Philadelphia, the Texas Tommy has also made it onto menus in Canada under the name “Whistle Dog.” We don’t know why, since Texas Tommy sounds phenomenal to us!

2. Jalapeño Popper Dog

Three Insanely Brilliant Ways to Top a Hot Dog

Photo: Facebook/Delish

This little number is sure to put some hair on your chest! If you love the tasty mixture of jalapeño and cheese, then this hot dog is a creation you’ll be destined to sample. Brought to you by the creative minds at Delish, you’ll most likely want seconds, so plan in advance. And, you might possibly need a beer (or better yet, a cold glass of milk) to calm your taste buds afterward!

3. Mac and Cheese Dog

Three Insanely Brilliant Ways to Top a Hot Dog

Photo: Facebook/Obsev Food

Yes. They did. They went there. The combination of two of the greatest foods any five-year-old ever laid their eyes on can now be recreated in an adult-style masterpiece that will melt in your mouth! Why? Because summer was made for meals like this! Get the recipe from the good folks at Better Homes & Gardens.

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