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Fort Worth Man Topples Off Of Platform at Top Golf, Laughs About It Later

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Topgolf is a multi-level driving range where golfers and their families can hang out, grab a bite to eat, drink a few beers and watch each other take a swing. This week, Twitter user Nathan (@EnvyNate) shot a video of his cousin acting goofy and completely missing the ball when he flung his golf club in its general direction. Pretending that he thought he hit it, he walked to the edge of the platform…and toppled right over the ledge.

At first, his family was rightfully startled, but once they ran over they saw that the overenthusiastic golfer had been caught by strategically placed netting meant to catch anyone who literally overstepped their bounds. Everyone burst out in laughter at the sight of the grown man cradled by the netting.

“For a split second everyone screamed and was scared. Once he landed safely on the net and we saw he was OK, it was all laughs,” Nathan told ABC 13.

Morgan Wallace, senior communications specialist at Topgolf, is confident about the facility’s safety. He told the Star-Telegram, “This is an extremely rare occurrence at Topgolf. We take safety very seriously and a strong safety track record is critical to our success.”