‘Troubadour’: Strait Gets Straight to the Heart of Things

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A veritable anthem for this hard-working, down-to-earth Texas country music crooner that rose his way up through the ranks to become the “King of Country Music,” the song “Troubadour” is a project that lets George Strait get to the heart of some of his personal feelings. Lyrics such as, “…sometimes I feel like Jesse James, still trying to make a name, knowing nothing’s gonna change, what I am…” let listeners catch a glimpse of the man behind the music machine. The fame and stardom have never gone to his head and his fan base grows larger still with each passing year.

Released in 2008, “Troubadour” was written by Leslie Satcher and Monty Holmes, and recorded by Strait for his album of the same name. Selling more than 900,000 copies, the song reached number seven on the Billboard list of Hot Country Songs, and by July of 2011 it was certified gold. Written in first-person from the perspective of a narrator who’s content with their success, the words, “I was a young troubadour when I rode in on a song, I’ll be an old troubadour when I’m gone…” really gives the listener a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction with the singer’s role. And Strait is definitely the man to sing the song, considering his success in the industry.

The music video, directed by Trey Fanjoy (the same individual that directed Strait’s video for “Seashores of Old Mexico”) alternates between footage of Strait singing and photos of various pictures from his storied career. The album itself earned a Grammy for Best Country Album of the Year, was the 25th studio release by Strait, and has since gone on to become certified platinum.