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Adorable and Very Rare Twin Horses Recently Born in Bastrop County

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Jenny and Landry Tucker are horses breeders who sell their animals to rodeo prospects. They know exactly how to care for horses ready to give birth, but they were in for a surprise last week just before midnight when quarter horse Sophie gave birth to two horses. According to the Statesman, only “1 in 10,000 twin foals survive to term.”

KXAN says that Jenny and her husband Landry decided on the names Bonnie and Clyde over any other dynamic male and female duos because, “They have very different personalities. She’s very rambunctious and he’s more mellow and laid back.”

Since twin horses can be very weak early on, the Tuckers took both colts to the Elgin Veterinary Hospital where they received IVs and feeding tubes. The pair will stay in Elgin until they’ve gained strength. Clyde in particular only has a 60 percent chance of survival at this time.

Since the Tuckers are doing all they can for the animals, they know they’ll have a large veterinarian bill waiting for them. A GoFundMe account has been set up to cover the costs that will reach a minimum of $4,000. The Statesman says they’ve decided to keep the pair on their farm.