Vegetable Pot Pie: Great for Meatless Any-Day-of-the-Week

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In the annals of Fall-time cooking, pot pie has got to rank right up there with turkey dinner, roast beef, and chicken and dumplings! And, the ability to make it with or without meat is most definitely a bonus. Sometimes, sadly, meat isn’t always easy to come by in terms of our family budgets, but that doesn’t have to mean we eat any less hearty or healthy than those next door to us. This is why Vegetable Pot Pie is a thing, and it’s one thing you just might want to try out this autumn for a good, warm meal on a cool Texas night.

Posted by California Olive Ranch, the recipe goes a long way towards using fresh fall ingredients in the produce department. Potatoes, brussels sprouts, button mushrooms, and so much more make this pie one worthy of sharing with family and friends around the dinner table, with biscuits and honey as a side, or even some fresh, hot cornbread. Those that feel two pastries of sorts aren’t quite what they want for a meal can always pair this with a fresh salad. The possibilities are actually quite endless. And, the ability to source the produce, as well as some Texas-made products, to make the pie with isn’t out of the realm of possibility. The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can actually be found right here in the Lone Star State, along with a number of other locally-grown or made ingredients.

Vegetable Pot Pie

Vegetable Pot Pie: Great for Meatless Any-Day-of-the-Week


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Brussels Sprouts

Button Mushrooms

Vegetable Stock


California Olive Ranch has the full ingredient listing, all measurements, and cooking instructions provided on their website for easy preparation of this delicious dish. Meatless Monday or meatless-any-day-of-the-week, for that matter, is a good day to try it on. And, Texas-made or home-grown ingredients can only help to enhance the flavor and final outcome of the pie, in our humble opinion.

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