Watch This Blast From the Past Video of Failed ‘Trading Spaces’ Reveals

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Do you remember “Trading Spaces”? From 2000 – 2008, Americans tuned in as neighbors agreed to makeover one room in each other’s house on a budget. Many homeowners were pleased with the results, and they grew closer to their neighbors with mutual appreciation, but others flopped. And, it was all caught on camera.

In the compilation of failed “Trading Spaces” reveals, a few of the makeovers look OK (though, now they look rather dated), but the changes still weren’t well received. In other instances, the interior designer working with the neighbors made bold choices, and they fell very flat. Though it might have been fun to plaster up straw on the wall, it’s not practical nor in any way attractive to live with!

It can be awkwardly enjoyable to watch as neighbors try to laugh off their frustration, and you can’t help but cringe along while a few homeowners end up in tears over the ridiculous “makeovers.”

If you find yourself missing “Trading Spaces” after watching this little morsel, you’ll be excited to hear that the series is making a return to TV! Entertainment Weekly says that Paige Davis will return as host to link arms with the nervous neighbors sometime in 2018.

Watch “The Best of Trading Spaces: Hate it Reveals” here.